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International JAZZ Day

piano with music notes and jazz day vector illustration

Friday April 30th , 2021 is International JAZZ Day a day of Recogntion of Freedom of Expression . An Freedom is expressed as ” Joy of Music , Art , Spoken Word , Poetry and the Right to Assembly to Proclaim this Freedom of Expression .” JAZZ our Intellectual Property on display actually begins today. April 26th, 2021 .


World Intellectual Property Day

April 26th is World Intellectual Prpoerty Day 🍰

A Camera Film Developing Tank with
a Spool Reel and Egg Timer used for developing 35 mm Camera Film in a Photographic Dark Room also known
as a Devil’s Kitchen . These were the tools along with an Enlarger used to create Photo’s and Images known as making Coffee before Digital Imaging and instant coffee was Invented .
What about this photo represents Intellectual Property ? Pic’s and Photo’s as well the implements used to create them are considered to be Intellectual Property as they are the Fruits of our Ideas 📷


Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day

March 29th was first dedicated as US Military Vietnam War Veterans Day in 2012 by then President Barrack Obama . In 2017 President Donald Trump signed a Congressional Bill officially designating March 29th as Vietnam War Veterans Memorial Day . The Vietnam War began in 1955 as a War for Independence from France who had ruled over Vietnam for over 200 years as a French Colony. In 1959 President Dewight D. Eisenhower aka. Ike , would send in the first US Troops to Vietnam , who having won their Independence from France were now engaged in a Bloody Civil War . The Vietnamese Civil War between North and South Vietnam was for whether Communist North Vietnam or the Republic of South Vietnam should Govern Vietnam . Ike sent the US Military into Vietnam in 1959 on the side of the Republic of South Vietnam. As an Overt response to the Cold War and the recent 1959 take over of Cuba by Communist Revolutionary Fidel Castro. The US Military presence from 1959 until March of 1973 and final withdrawal of all US Military Troops in May 1975 ; who would have believed the real reason for US Troops in Vietnam was to Train, Supply Arms and Munitions to the Vietnamese for an invasion of Vietnam by Communist China in May 1975 a Second Vietnam War of Independence . The Chinese Communist invading Vietnam as soon as the US Troops were withdrawn in 1975, the Second Vietnam War for Independence would end in 1981. After 26 years of Civil War and War’s for Independence 1955 – 1981 Vietnam was finally a Self Governing and Independent Nation recognized by the United Nations . And you can thank President Dewight D. Eisenhower (Ike) and the US Military Veterans that served during the Vietnam War for this lesson in Training ” How to Fight a War ! “

” He who Fights is Lost “

Sun Tzu

The Art of War


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Think and Grow Rich..(TTC) Blog

Happy Thanksgiving Nov. 26, 2020

Shop til you drop Black Friday Nov. 27, 2020

Cyber Monday Nov. 30, 2020

Think Tank Consulting (ttc)

December 1st , 2020 if you are reading this Blog Post then you have survived the Holiday Havoc of Cyber Monday , Black Friday , Thanksgiving …Turkeys

December 3rd , 2020 World Persons with Disabilties Day on a Thursday this year. And we all have a Disability of some kind it is part of our DNA our Dynamic Model our Fatal Flaw it’s what makes us Humans. As this recent Pandemic has so aptly pointed out to us . But all Disabilities are not of a Physical Nature there also those of us with Mental Disabilities . So lets celerbrate World Persons with Disabilities together here at Think Tank Consulting (TTC).

Saint Stephens Day December 26, 2020 is celerbrated in the United States in some States as the Day After Christmas. The reference to Saint Stephen is that of the Martyr who was Stoned to Death while then Saul later to become Paul the Apostile of Christ watched tending the garments of the Pharisee’s who Stoned Stephen .

January 17 & 18 Sunday and Monday 2021 are recognized as World Religion Day. It is important to note that the actual birth place of Religion is India . In Honor of that fact this quote by one of India’s most Revered Holy men , Mahatma Ghandi , best describes why India ?

” God is not Religious ”


Think and Grow Rich

TTC first blog entry the begining of a Consulting Business .

You have a Brain and Think Tank Consulting (TTC) is here to help you use it more effecently . Finding solutions and helping our clients make timely decisions so that hopefully they may Think and Grow Rich ..

TTC blog entry Nov. 25 , 2020 the Markets the S&P 500 : 3,633.76, NASDAQ : 12,042.54 and NYSE : 30,045.57 a new high for the DJI. The new high in the NYSE is significant because the Dow Jones Industrials the (DJI) is made up of the Top 30 preforming Stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange the (NYSE).

Happy Thanksgiving Thursday Nov. 26, 2020 Black Friday Nov. 27, 2020 Shop til you drop and Cyber Monday Nov. 30 , 2020 and thats why it is also refered to as Turkey Day …

Saint Nicholas Day , December 06 , 2020 today is the day that is celerbrated as Saint Nicholas Day a religious holiday named for the 4th Century Greek Bishop of Myra , Greece . Nicholas was known for his giving ways often time leaving gifts of coins and candy in childerns shoes .

Bari , Italy recognizes Nicholas as their Patron Saint and as his legend spread through out Europe he would become known as Sinterklaas in the Netherlands and St.Nicholaus in Germany where kinder placed their empty shoes by the fireplace in hopes Nicholas would leave them gifts of coins and candy in their shoes.

Saint Nicholas legend spread even further as he is also known as Father Christmas in Europe and England who also celerbrates Dec. 06 as St. Nicholas Day . From England the legend of Father Christmas known as Saint Nicholas would spread to the United States where the name of Saint Nicholaus was recognized and celerbrated as Santa Claus Day to the delite of childern around the World .

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on
Photo by ThisIsEngineering on

New Years Day , January 1st, 2021 we wish any viewers , followers or readers of this TTC Blog Post a Happy and Productive Year for 2021 . Think Tank Consulting (TTC) hopes to continue posting insights and helpful links to help Enlighten your 2021 .

Feburary 14th , 2021 Valentines Day 💓Final day of WordCamp India 2021 Online and presented on YouTube . Certainly a Note Worthy Event to begin the Lunar New Year 2021 .